The Monastery

The monastery on the Virtual Town Square is actually a Metochion (Greek) or Podvoria (Russian) – a small urban monastic dependency. It is called the St. Theophan the Recluse Skete.

Orthodox monasteries preserve the most rigorous form of spiritual life, preserving spiritual, ascetic, and liturgical traditions. This allows monks to pursue a concentrated form of life with fewer distractions. Monks are the safeguards of an authentic spiritual transmission.

Making a pilgrimage or visit to a monastery is spiritually beneficial for those living in the world.Orthodox monasteries can be found all over the world.  Here is a list of some in the United States. The monastery is also a microcosm of the Virtual Town Square as described below (click on the link to see other nesting microcosms):

The Cell/Hermitage The Monastery Church The Toolshed
The Scriptatorum The Quad The Gate
The Library The Trapeza (Refectory) The Infirmary